Coffee Get your rocket fuel here!

Exceptionally high quality coffee is key to the Rocket Bakery & Fresh Food experience! Rocket is happy to offer coffee brewed with beans from 3 of Canada’s premier roasters: Phil & Sebastian, Social Coffee and Classic Coffee. Come in and “talk coffee” with us to determine the cup that’s just right for you! Rocket Bakery & Fresh Food is happy to offer you coffee roasted in Canada by:

  • Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters (Calgary, Alberta).  Their goal in roasting is to roast the coffee in such a way that it highlights all the natural characteristics (i.e. what makes it unique) of the coffee without introducing any roast remnants. For this reason, all of their coffees are custom roasted to a light or medium level.  Rather than using “light, medium, dark” or “mild, medium, strong” to distinguish the coffees, Phil & Sebastian use the country of origin, farm, processing method, altitude, bean varietal and tasting notes to differentiate between their coffees.See:
  • Social Coffee & Tea Co. (Richmond Hill, Ontario), the first ever direct trade coffee available in Newfoundland, is supplying Rocket with organic and micro-lot coffee, too!  See:
  • Classic Gourmet Coffee (Vaughn, Ontario) and Rufino Espresso, roasted using innovative roasting technology that allows the company to reduce their emmisions and fuel consumption by up to 77%. See and

Our Regular Coffee Bar Offerings!


  • Double Espresso $3
  • Macchiato $4
  • Cappuccino $4.25
  • Latte $4.50/$5
  • Americano $3
  • Americano Misto $4
  • Mocha $5/$5.50
  • Extra Espresso Shot $2


  • Brewed $2.25/$2.75
  • French Press $3.50/$4
  • Café au Lait $3.75/$4.25
  • Red Eye $4/$4.50


  • Hot Chocolate $3.50/$4
  • Kids Hot Chocolate $2
  • Chai Latte $4.50/$5
  • London Fog $5/$5.75
  • Tetley Tea $2
  • Sloane Tea $2.75
  • Tea Pot $4
*A flavour shot, such as vanilla, orange or peppermint, can be added to a beverage for an extra $0.50!