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Classic Vanilla Cheesecake with a topping of your choice!

Toppings can include: chocolate ganache, caramel, local partridgeberry or blueberry jam, lemon curd, peanut butter or turtle (peanuts, caramel and chocolate ganache! Oh Yeah!)!

Writing on this cake can only be done on the Chocolate Ganache topping. Writing cannot be added to caramel, local berry preserves, lemon curd, peanut butter or turtle topping. 

Cake Ingredients: cream cheese, sugar, graham crumbs, brown sugar, butter, cornstarch, vanilla, eggs, salt and whipping cream!

Friendly Note! Orders must be placed with a minimum of 48 hours notice for both Signature Cakes & for Slab Cakes for pickup at our Water Street location only. Orders placed after 4pm on Friday will not be processed until Monday morning at 9am.

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Chocolate Ganache, Caramel, Local Partridgeberry Jam, Local Blueberry Jam, Lemon Curd, Peanut Butter, Turtle