Baked Goods Listing

Rocket Bakery offerings are made fresh every day on the second floor of this heritage building by our team of bakers and pastry chefs who are proud to offer our customers their very best work:  everything from delicious cakes to fresh breads, savoury tarts to pastries and confections.

Here’s just a sample of what you can expect to find at Rocket Bakery & Fresh Food!

Signature Cakes

    • Available by the slice, too! $5.00/slice

Sliced Cakes – Alternating favorites (our Chocolate Raspberry, Va-Va Vanilla and Chocolate) along with varied festive specials and more!

    • Delicious Layered Sponge Cakes $3.95/square

Forever changing, available as squares.

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Croissant and Pastries

    • Amazing pain au chocolat $2.35
    • Plain croissant $2.10
    • Almond croissant $2.35
    • Out-of-this-world Cinnamon Buns! $2.95
    • Scones $2.45

(Add homemade jam for $1.00)



    • French Macarons$2.25

Available every “Almost Wheatless Wednesday”
(the day we offer as many gluten-free treats as we can, bearing in mind that we are a wheat-based bakery!)

    • Coconut Delights$2.45

Delectable balls of sweet coconut enrobed in a rich milk chocolate coat

    • Chocolate Bars$3.99
    • Nut Clusters $2.75

A changeable menu of nuts covered in dark, milk or white chocolate and various scrumptious ingredients!

    • Marshmallow Clusters $1.95

A Changeable menu of mini marshmallow covered in dark, milk or white chocolate’ below the Nut Clusters!


  • French Loaf $5.50
  • Baguette $2.95
  • Foccacia $2.25
  • Rocket Classic White Loaf $4.50
  • Rocket Classic Multi-Grain Bread $4.50
  • Sour Dough $5.50
  • Light Rye $4.50

– Rocket’s Specialty Breads Calendar –

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    • Milk Chocolate Pecan Cookie $2.00
    • Ginger Cookie $2.00
    • Oatmeal Chocolate Chip (No Flour Added!) $2.00
    • Shortbread Bites $5.95

Fabulous one (or two) bite shortbread cookies available in plain, chocolate chip and seasonally, lemon-poppyseed


  • Smooth custard sweetened with honey enfolds blueberries, raspberries or partridgeberries (when in season!)
  • Available individually in 4 ½” and 9 1/2″ ($19.95)
  • Lemon Meringue Tart $5.95
  • Pecan Tart $5.50

Savoury Pies & Tarts

    • Tourtiere (Available Seasonally) $6.95/slice

Served with homemade cranberry relish!

    • …or the entire pie$36.00 (tax included)
    • Lamb & Curry Pie$7.95/slice

Served with homemade rhubarb chutney!

  • …or the entire pie$42.00 (tax included)

Sweet Trays

Rocket Bakery Sweet Trays can be made up for your next party or office event.  Call us at 738-2011, ext. 1 for more information.